What does Busy Warehouse think about MAP?

We are strong believers and supporters in MAP. If we find other sellers violating MAP, we always report them to the distributor, the manufacturer or the product owner that issued the MAP because violations of MAP is just very bad business for all of us. We like doing business the right way.

What does Busy Warehouse need from a distributor or manufacturer?

Most major distributors (if not all) have inventory management systems that have the ability to produce CSV files of all the SKU’s they carry. We need an Excel CSV file with AT LEAST the following fields:

1. UPC Number
2. Wholesale Cost (our cost)
3. SKU Number
4. Title of the product and/or description of the item

If there are other fields, this will not be a problem as long as the above items are included in the CSV file. Although PDFs are great to see what products you are selling, we can’t upload PDFs into purchase system which make it difficult for us to manage our orders. Someone from the IT department may know a little more about this.

Where are our warehouses located?

We have warehouses in the following locations: Los Angeles, North Carolina and Michigan.

Is Busy Warehouse an American company?

Yes. The owners are born and raised in the United States.
Seller’s permit and other legal docs available upon request.

Does Busy Warehouse sell on Amazon or EBay?

Yes we do but we also sell on other platforms and even to brick and mortar shops when we see a product that can also be sold through offline channels.

Is there anything Busy Warehouse doesn’t sell?

We stay away from hazmat products, pharmaceuticals, food items with an expiration date, items that might be too complicated to store in a warehouse or items that can give our company a bad reputation.

How can I contact Busy Warehouse?

You can contact us by using our contact form.

Does Busy Warehouse need terms?

Busy Warehouse pays all products by credit card at the start of a business relationship with a new distributor or wholesaler. We believe in building trust first.

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